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The UCLA Russian Flagship welcomes applications from UCLA students of all majors and at all levels of Russian language proficiency

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For Freshmen and Sophomores

  • Freshmen and sophomores can follow the Course of Study for Beginners
  • Fill out the application as soon as possible so that we can set you up with a tutor and introduce you to other Flagship students!

For Juniors and Seniors

  • Juniors and Seniors require a more individualized study plan.
  • Please contact Russian Flagship before applying, and we will discuss your options and help you arrange your schedule

For Students Interested in Transferring to UCLA

The following steps will allow you to follow the typical Flagship pathway of taking third-year Russian courses in your junior year and fourth-year courses in your senior year.

  1. Enroll in beginner Russian courses at your college in the year that you’re applying to UCLA.
  2. Upon admission, contact us about potential Flagship sponsorship of summer Russian courses in the summer before you matriculate at UCLA.

Other pathways are possible! It is important to email us as soon as possible so we can design a study plan and work with your individual situation. Please do not fill out the Flagship application until you’ve been admitted to UCLA.

For Heritage Speakers

  • Heritage Speakers are students who grew up in a Russian-speaking family in the United States. These students may be able to complete the program at an expedited pace, in two years.
  • We offer courses designed specifically to fit the needs of Heritage Language Learners.
  • Please contact Russian Flagship to learn more about your options.

For all admission related inquiries, please contact Dr. Susan Kresin here: russianflagship@international.ucla.edu