The Terasaki center boasts a diverse roster of world-class professors from all across UCLA.


Hitoshi Abe

Director; Professor, Architecture & Urban Design; UCLA Terasaki Chair for Contemporary Japanese Studies

Seiji Lippit

Associate Director; Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures

George Abe

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anderson School of Management

William Bodiford

Professor Emeritus, Asian Languages & Cultures

Michelle Liu Carriger

Assistant Professor, School of Theater, Film and Television

Torquil Duthie

Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures

Michael Emmerich

Associate Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures

Lieba Faier

Associate Professor of Geography

Russell Ferguson

Professor, Art

Katsuya Hirano

Associate Professor, History

Shoichi Iwasaki

Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures

Sanford Jacoby

Distinguished Professor, Management, Public Affairs, and History

Michiko Kaneyasu

Associate Professor, Japanese Linguistics

Kristopher Kersey

Assistant Professor, Art History

William Marotti

Professor, History

Mariko Sakakibara

Professor, Anderson School of Management

Satoko Shimazaki

Associate Professor

Michael Thies

Chair, Global Studies and International & Area Studies Interdepartmental Programs

Sharon Traweek

Associate Professor, Gender Studies, History

Yusuke Tsugawa

Associate Professor of Medicine & Health Policy, School of Medicine & Public Health

Junko Yamazaki

Assistant Professor, Asian Languages & Cultures


Fred G. Notehelfer

Professor Emeritus, History

Herman Ooms

Professor Emeritus, History

Carol Sorgenfrei

Professor Emerita, Theatre

Mariko Tamanoi

Professor, Anthropology