Student Spotlight: Flagship Student Adele Hall

This summer, Flagship student Adele Hall traveled to Yerevan, Armenia, where she participated in a study abroad at Yerevan State University. Adele participated in the Russian Language and Area Studies (RLASP) summer program, which allows a cohort of students to live with host families and study Russian at universities in post-soviet countries. Read more about her experiences here:

Adele lived in Yerevan for two months and definitely recommends studying there. She improved most in Russian conversational skills, as she became far more comfortable speaking the language. The majority of Yerevan’s population speaks Russian as a second language, a legacy of its Soviet history.  

 Adele said that her first impression of Armenians was their kindness, friendliness, and welcoming nature. Gift giving is common in Armenia, especially when people visit someone else’s homes, and Adele was given gifts both when she arrived to stay with her host family and when she left. Another custom she noticed was that refusing invitations was considered far more rude than being late or not showing up to a gathering. 


Adele with her host family

 Adele enjoyed exploring Yerevan and experiencing the city at night. One of her favorite places to visit was Lake Sevan, the largest body of fresh water in the South Caucasus. The Sevan Peninsula is on the Northwest shore of the lake and includes the Sevanavank Monastery, which dates back to the 9th century. Adele also visited the Cascade, a giant stairway system connecting downtown Yerevan with older neighborhoods. The stairway leads to many of Yerevan’s attractions, including restaurants, fountains, and sculptures.