A number of articles were written memorializing Russ after he passed away. They provide a retrospective of his life and work.

Tribute to Russ by Sue Fan

Geoffrey Garrett

Kathryn Paul and Lyn Repath-Martos

Two of Russ' closest colleagues, Lyn Repath-Martos of the UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics and TESL and Kathryn Paul of the UCLA Language Resource Center, were the first to write about Russ' passing. Lyn's touching email and Kathryn's article, published in the Los Angeles Times on Saturday April 5th, 2003, inspired others to write their own tributes to Russ.

Los Angeles Times Obituary

A very comprehensive piece of writing on Russ' life is the obituary published in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday April 3rd, 2003 by Elaine Woo, Times Staff Writer. The obituary is reprinted on this site with numerous additional links to the people and places that Russ was involved with throughout his life. Readers who are interested in knowing more about Russ' life should definitely read that article.

UCLA International Institute Article by Leslie Evans

Another very comprehensive piece on Russ is an online article written by Leslie Evans of the UCLA International Institute.

Carolina Morgan

Carolina Morgan of Florida International University also wrote a nice letter sharing stories about her work with Russ.