The Center is dedicated to enhancing Southeast Asian Studies on campus and serving as an important resource on Southeast Asia for students, teachers, and community members through its outreach programs and initiatives.

National Resource Center for Southeast Asian Studies

As a National Resource Center designated by the Title VI grant under the U.S. Department of Education, UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies is committed to expanding Southeast Asian language instruction, improving K-12 and post-secondary teaching and promoting community outreach.

To read more about our ongoing activities: National Resource Center Programs 2018-2022

Title VI Grant 2018-2022

UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies and UC Berkeley Center for Southeast Asia Studies have worked together as a consortium National Resource Center for Southeast Asian Studies since 2000.

Our primary mandate under the Title VI grant for 2018-2022 is to further expand our impact by:

  • promoting an informal Southeast Asian Studies network within the University of California and California State University systems to be developed through faculty exchange and graduate student training;
  • holding a series of pedagogy workshops for Southeast Asian language instructors based in CA as well as nationally, to include regular collaboration with UCLA National Heritage Language Resource Center;
  • collaborating with teacher education programs such as UCLA History-Geography Project to engage an increased number of K-12 teachers and instructors in California;
  • hosting public outreach events on campus to deepen understanding about Southeast Asia.

Upcoming Workshops:

For list of upcoming professional development workshops for educators offered by UCLA and other UC/CSU campuses: Teacher Training Opportunities Fall 2020

Past Teacher Training Workshops:

Sites of Encounter in World History: Baghdad and Nishapur, 300-1200 (June 2020)
As a response to COVID-19, this two-day teacher workshop focusing on Southwestern Asia was redesigned into a webinar for K-12 teachers in order to continue providing remote training opportunities for educators.

Sites of Encounter in World History: Gupta Empire and Srivijaya Kingdom, 300-1200 (June 2019)
This free two-day teacher training pedagogy workshop focused on South and Southeast Asia was developed for K-12 public school educators to align with the CA History Social Science Framework.

Teaching History Conference at UCLA (May 2019)
This conference explored the question: What can culturally relevant and inclusive teaching look like in history and social studies classrooms across the K-16 continuum?

The Future of Southeast Asia: Exploring Issues of Religion, Politics, and Territories (March 2018)
UCLA CSEAS Director George Dutton joined the Indonesian General Consul 
and other international affairs experts on a panel at a workshop for 100+ students and educators at Polytechnic High School in Pasadena. 

Cudamani: Balinese Gamelan and Dance (February 2018)
In partnership with the UCLA Center for the Art of Performance’s Design for Sharing Program, UCLA CSEAS brought Cudamani, a Balinese gamelan and dance group, to campus for a performance and workshop for 1500 K-12 students and teachers. 

Bringing Balinese Gamelan to K-12 students and educators in LA (April 2017)
UCLA CSEAS collaborated with UCLA Center for the Art of Performance’s Design for Sharing Program to cosponsor a lecture demonstration on Balinese gamelan for a group of 80 music students and their teachers from Porter Middle School.

Vietnamese teacher with a mission (2013)
UCLA Vietnamese instructor, Chuc Bui, teaches a workshop for the Association of the Vietnamese Language and Culture Schools (TAVIET-LCS), which prepares immigrant volunteers to teach Vietnamese in local community language schools.

International Studies K-12 Workshop (2011)
This professional development workshop for K-12 teachers focused on the International Studies Advisory curriculum framework and provided pedagogical strategies for teaching geography and world regions at different grade levels and across the curriculum.

The Center is committed to providing opportunities for community college instructors to receive training on incorporating more Southeast Asian language and area studies into their curriculum and instruction. For more information on how you can attend these workshops, please contact ntong@international.ucla.edu.

Upcoming Workshops:

Ongoing opportunities for Community College instructors:

Southeast Asian Languages Council
SEALC is a national organization that promotes and coordinates activities in the field of Southeast Asian language teaching in the US.

Council of Teachers of Southeast Asian Languages Workshops and Conferences
COTSEAL encourages new language instructors to join as members and attend upcoming workshops and conferences on Southeast Asian language teaching and pedagogy.

STARTALK Heritage Language Teacher Workshops at UCLA
The National Heritage Language Resource Center holds annual week-long summer workshops at UCLA campus focused on training cohorts of K-16 and community school instructors of heritage languages in the development of innovative heritage curricula to address the challenge of teaching heritage language students. These workshops require participants to complete three weeks of online assignments beforehand.

UC Berkeley ORIAS Summer Institutes for Community College Teachers
The Office of Resources for International and Area Studies hosts a Community College Summer Institute every year designed primarily for community college and AP-level history and social studies teachers, particularly those who teach World History or regional histories. Summer programs explore unique themes in World History and train teachers to incorporate new content into classroom lessons.

Past Community College Workshops:

COTSEAL/SEALC Workshop on Heritage Language & Project-Based Learning (2020-2021)

COTSEAL 36 Virtual Conference (2020)

NHLRC Heritage Language Research Institute (2020)

STARTALK Heritage Language Teacher Workshops at UCLA

Summer 2019
Summer 2018

UC Berkeley ORIAS Online World History Cohort (2018)

UC Berkeley ORIAS Summer Institutes for Community College Teachers

People Power (2020)
The Global Rise of National Populism (2019)
Migration & Diaspora (2018)


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