UCLA CSEAS is supported by a small group of staff and faculty who are responsible for the operations of the Center and its programs and activities.

  • Stephen Acabado, Director, UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Nguyet Tong, Assistant Director, UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Juliana Wijaya, Indonesian Studies Program Coordinator, UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Lecturer, Asian Languages & Cultures
  • Madeleine Yakal, Program Coordinator, Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia
  • Erin Yeh, Student Programming Assistant, UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Lisette Mora, Fund Manager, UCLA International Institute
  • Nida Sanglimsuwan, UCLA CSEAS Representative, GETSEA Graduate Student Council
  • Piphal Heng, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Postdoctoral Fellow; Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia

UCLA Staff

  • Jade Alburo, Southeast Asian Library, UCLA Library*
  • Joanna Barrkman, Senior Curator of Southeast Asian & Pacific Arts, UCLA Fowler Museum*


Since its establishment in 1999, UCLA CSEAS has worked closely with the university to build an outstanding group of faculty. There are currently dozens of faculty in many different disciplines and professional schools affiliated with the Center, making UCLA one of the leading centers for research and teaching on Southeast Asia in the country. 

* Serves on UCLA CSEAS Faculty Advisory Committee

Affiliated Faculty

  • David Blundell, Visiting Professor and Lecturer, UCLA Extension (Taiwan/Southeast Asia/Austronesia)
  • Christopher Erickson, Senior Associate Vice Provost and Director of the UCLA International Institute (Global)
  • Gyanam Mahajan, Lecturer, South and Southeast Asian Language Coordinator, Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Seinenu Thein-Lemelson, Lecturer, Visiting Scholar, Anthropology (Myanmar)
  • Kim Nguyen Tran, Lecturer, Ethnomusicology and Asian Languages and Cultures (Vietnam)
  • Djoko Walujo, Lecturer, Ethnomusicology (Indonesia)


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