Welcome to the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies! We have been supporting the study of this important region at UCLA for more than 15 years, serving as a place to encourage the discussion and dissemination of scholarly work on the countries of the region. Our Center has been critical to sustaining and expanding Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA, which has now become one of the major U.S. sites for the study of this region. While we have an interest in the entire region, UCLA is particularly strong in the study of Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. We are a federally designated National Resource Center for Southeast Asia, and are financially supported through the Title VI program at the US Department of Education. We are also supported by private donors, including the Robert Lemelson Foundation, which has helped to fund our Indonesian studies programs. We host foreign visitors, invite scholars to give talks, fund graduate student language study and research, and serve as a resource for those whose work intersects with Southeast Asian in some fashion. UCLA faculty and graduate students affiliated with the Center work on many of the region’s eleven countries across numerous departments, ranging from history to ethnomusicology to linguistics. The Center is also happy to support language instruction at UCLA by providing fellowships for the study of Southeast Asia languages, including Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai and Indonesian. We welcome inquiries from both on and off campus relating to our programs and to Southeast Asia more generally, and hope to see you soon at one of our many events!



A year after its founding in 1999, CSEAS joined with its counterpart center at the University of California, Berkeley, in a consortium that was designated a National Resource Center (NRC) by the U.S. Department of Education. An extraordinary honor for a young institution such as CSEAS, the designation was accompanied by Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships that since then have allowed graduate and undergraduate students to immerse themselves in the region. As part of its mission as an NRC, the Center organizes training workshops and develops curricular materials for California's K-12 schoolteachers.

In recognition of its leadership, the Center has been the beneficiary of two Ford Foundation grants for post- doctoral research and public programming on Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam. Gifts from other donors have helped to support our Indonesian Studies and Thai Studies programs.


Vision for the Future

While working to maintain the excellence of its programs, CSEAS continues to develop new ideas for expanding Southeast Asian studies at UCLA. These programs are also opportunities for individuals and foundations to support our mission. They include:

  • Additional language offerings to serve the broad needs of Southern California and continue our national leadership in the study and teaching of Southeast Asian languages.
  • High-level language courses leading to fluency in Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.
  • Establishment of additional study abroad programs and partnerships with institutions of higher learning abroad. Travel grants for undergraduates to study abroad.
  • Endowed fellowships for UCLA graduate students whose work will advance Southeast Asian studies.
  • Travel grants for students to develop dissertations and promote their studies throughout the region.
  • Endowed faculty chairs in Southeast Asian Studies to recruit and retain top scholars in particular disciplines and countries of the region.
  • UCLA-based colloquia, conferences and seminars on Southeast Asian topics.
  • Innovative programs bringing new approaches to the region in such areas as public health, science and the environment.