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Information about ongoing professional development and teacher training opportunities and curriculum resources for K-14 educators and language instructors

Last updated July 2020

  Professional Development Opportunities 


For list of upcoming professional development workshops for educators offered by UCLA and other UC/CSU campuses:

Fall 2020 Workshops

Spring/Summer 2020 Workshops and Conferences


  Video Resources 

Best Practices for Remote Teaching
Produced by UCLA History-Geography Project

UCLA History-Geography Project YouTube Channel

UC Scout
Free online college prep courses to California public school students and teachers

Global Views on COVID-19 Videos
Webinar series of talks organized by UC Berkeley Office of Resources for International and Area Studies

UC Berkeley Professional Development Providers Virtual Learning Series
Webinar Recordings and Presentation Resources


  Language Resources  


Education Technology and Language Instruction Webinar Series
From CSUF National Resource Center for Asian Languages

Strategies for Teaching Vietnamese Language Webinar Series
From CSUF National Resource Center for Asian Languages

Online Language Instruction for World Language Teachers during COVID-19
The Basics of Teaching Online Guidelines developed by Occidental College World Language Project

COVID-19 Multilingual Resources for Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander languages
Compiled by Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum


  Curriculum Resources 

UC resources for your living room classroom
Educational resources from throughout the University of California

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Schools and School Personnel
From the US Department of Education

UCLA Center X share tips for parents educating kids at home | UCLA Newsroom

 Resources Access during Covid-19 | UCLA Library
List of online resources with temporarily expanded online access

COVID-19 Resources for Social Justice Educators
Compiled by UC Berkeley Professional Development Providers

Coronavirus Syllabus K-12
A crowdsourced cross-disciplinary resource for and by teachers (with thanks to the creators of #coronavirussyllabus)

1918 Flu Pandemic - Continuity and Change
Lesson Plan by Piraro for UC Berkeley History-Social Sciences Project

Best Practices for Teaching Online: Creating an Online Syllabus
From the University of Texas

COVID-19: Teachers, Families, and the Future
Resources from Stanford Graduate School of Education

How to talk to and teach students about COVID-19
Lesson plans from the California Teachers Association

  Community Resources
Multilingual resource hub for coronavirus information developed by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the Asian American Studies Center in more than 40 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Armenian, Japanese and Vietnamese

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health COVID-19 Information Page

COVID-19: Breaking the Chain of Infection
Helpful facts and tips compiled by UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

COVID-19 - Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources | Racial Equality Tools

What you need to know about COVID-19 | UCLA Health

The Novel Coronavirus: What Do We Know and What's Next?
This February 10, 2020 symposium was coordinated by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and UCLA Center for Chinese Studies addressing the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Professor Roger Detels from UCLA CSEAS Faculty Advisory Committee was a panelist.


Compiled by UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies and UCLA National Heritage Language Resource Center.

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Published: Tuesday, April 14, 2020