Flagship Student Activities

Every week Russian Flagship students have a small club meeting where they play a Russian card game called Durak, drink tea, and eat cookies. The weekly Durak game has been featured in the Daily Bruin. Club members have also on occasion taken to the streets of West Hollywood and dined at Russian restaurants, including Traktir in West Hollywood. 

Club meetings are a great time to bond with other students outside of the classroom in an environment that is stress free. It is also an easy way to learn more about Russian culture and the vocabulary necessary to play card games. 

Every quarter Flagship students participate in a celebration or performance sponsored by the department. Traditionally, every quarter has specific types of performances, always performed in the language that the students are learning. During the fall quarter students sing songs that they learn for the celebration. During the winter quarter students recite poetry that they have memorized. During the spring quarter the students put on traditional fairy tales, contemporary fairy tales, or plays they have written themselves. 

These quarterly celebrations are well attended by students, faculty and friends and family who show up to support their students. There are also always delicious food and drinks!