Why Study Russian in the Flagship program?

As the United States becomes more diverse and as the market place becomes more global, the workplace of tomorrow will encompass many languages and cultures. In-depth study of another language helps students develop a sense of cultural pluralism, an openness to and appreciation of other cultures, and an ability to work with culturally diverse partners. An individual who commits to acquiring a deep understanding of another language and culture will always have a competitive edge.

Taking your foreign language study to a high level will:

  • enhance your opportunities in government, business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, marketing, and other careers
  • help you develop skills that are vital to success in any career:
    analytical skills, cognitive flexibility, and critical thinking
    transferable skills in public speaking, writing, and collaborative problem solving
  • enrich your international travel with a deeper level of cross cultural understanding
  • enable you to function multiculturally, an essential and marketable asset in the globalized world

Learning a global language like Russian will:

  • open doors to work and travel in broad geopolitical areas: not only Russia, but also Central Asia, the Far East, and other areas
  • enable rapid acquisition of many other Central and Eastern European languages, such as Ukrainian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and others
  • facilitate acquisition of any other language, either during your studies at UCLA or in response to future job needs
  • make you competitive for a career in diplomacy and national security; see this December, 2015 Washington Post article on the need for Russian specialists
  • prepare you to respond to emerging demands of the international markets, as the majority of new jobs in the United States are created as a result of foreign trade