Study Abroad Program and Scholarship Application Deadlines, 2020-21

For Summer Study Abroad:

1. American Councils for International Education's summer program. Deadline: early-mid February, 2021 (TBA).website

2. Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) - a U.S. State Department-funded summer program abroad. Application Deadline: November 17, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST. application here. All resources highly recommended, especially the video Application Tipswhich explains what CLS is looking for and what to focus on in your four essays.   

Note: If you apply for CLS you must also apply for the AmCouncils program since AmCouncils's deadline comes before CLS awards are announced. 

For Capstone Year Program
American Councils for International Education Program

Applicants will be given access a link to the application site in fall, 2020. Deadline: early/mid January, 2021 (TBA). 

Scholarships to Support Capstone Study 

-Boren Scholarship- if you are awarded this scholarship it will fund most of your Capstone year expenses. website.        Find the scholarship information (the fellowship is for grad students). Application will open in August, 2020.

Note that you'll have to submit your application to the Boren representative at UCLA, Wilsimarem Lieux (wlieux@ieo.ucla.edu) in the UCLA International Education Office and meet with her. 

-Gilman Scholarship - eligible to students receiving a Pell grant at time of application. website

Other Gilman Scholarships

-Undergraduate child dependents of an active service member who receive any type of Title IV federal financial aid (e.g., not only Pell Grants) are eligible to apply for the Gilman-McCain Scholarship. website

-Gilman Scholarship awardees may apply for a Critical Need Language Award website

Note on all Applications:

-Contact Susie Bauckus (sbauckus@international.ucla.edu) to meet about these applications, brainstorm ideas, and receive feedback. 

-Give yourself time to write several drafts, be aware of deadlines, contact your potential recommenders in time and share a draft of your essays with them. Seek feedback; as one Boren Scholar said: "give your essays to anyone who can read." Give yourself time to reconsider, change your mind, and rewrite.