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Congratulations  to Monica Salinas Summer Research Fellowship Recipients!

  • Siara Biuk spent three weeks in July 2019 in the Andean highlands of Peru participating in a medical anthropology field school hosted by East Carolina University. During her time in Peru she  was  able to use some of the Quechua she learned at UCLA as many of the women are bilingual Spanish and Quechua speakers. She  learned about the different phases of a medical anthropology study and was introduced to concepts such as free listing, pile sorting, unstructured and structured interviews.

                 "I participated in a strenuous day-long potato harvest that gave me a better idea of the conditions indigenous Andean women live and work in."


  • Lupe Meyers conducted research in  Mexico City on H1A visas. She reached  out to public officials from different Mexican states stationed in Mexico City and  succeeded in forming deep and productive insight from the public officials. Many were unaware of the system of H1A visas and some gave her data from their individual states related to migration.

Lupe met with the officials of Mexico City to talk about migration issues


  • Javier Porras-Madero:   "I researched the Mexico-Guatemala border from a historical lens. I looked at the processes that shaped the formation of the border between 1950 to 1980. In order to do this, I went to Mexico City and Guatemala City to look at national archives."

Photo of Tziscao, where Javier  conducted ethnographic work.