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Bonnie Taub, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Latin American Studies
Kevin Terraciano, Ph.D. Co-Chair, Latin American Studies

Patricia Arroyo Calderon, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese
César J. Ayala, Ph.D., Sociology
Stephen A. Bell, Ph.D., Geography, History
Verónica Cortínez, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese
Robin L.H. Derby, Ph.D., History
David Hayes-Bautista, Ph.D., Medicine
Susanna B. Hecht, Ph.D., Geography, Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, Urban Planning
Rubén Hernández-León, Ph.D., Sociology
Elizabeth A. Marchant, Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Gender Studies
Katherine Marino, Ph.D., History
Marturano, Jorge. Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese
Cecilia Menjivar, Ph.D., Sociology
José Luiz Passos, Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese
Bonnie Taub, Ph.D., Public Health
Kevin B. Terraciano, Ph.D., History
Fernando Perez-Montesinos, Ph.D., History
Jennifer Osorio, University Librarian, ex officio

Our Students

Diana Blanco
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
B.S. Marketing and B.A. Arts Administration with concentration in Studio Arts

Diana’s research concentrates on Latin American and Latinx centered cultural production. In her studies she intends to not only focus on modern and contemporary traditional studio arts, but also broaden her research to include cultural production across disciplines of film, media, music, and journalism. 

Alexis Castaneda

Geography and Spanish B.A., UC Santa Barbara

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA

Alexis  is particularly interested in transportation patterns and policies in Latin America.


Miriam Espinoza

Latin American Studies Departmental Scholar

Hometown: Michoacán, México and South Central Los Angeles, CA

Miriam's  research interests constitute of the Mexican War on Drugs, Drug Trade Organizations (DTOs), and organized crime violence.


Andrew Flores-Rodriquez

Latin American Studies B.A., UCLA

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Andrew's research interests broadly include human rights and sexual reproductive rights in LGBT communities in Latin America as well as the history of ideas of gender in the context of masculinity.


Isabel Jeronimo
Hometown: Sanger, CA
B.A. in Politcs and Global Studies, Saint Mary's College of California

Isabel’s research interests include topics of Indigenous populations of Latin America and Latin American diasporic communities.


Christopher Lopez
Hometown: San Diego, CA
B.A. in Latin American Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies, UC Berkele

Chris is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of corruption, political government and transnational organized crime in Mexico and Central America.

Mandie Nuanes

History B.A., Whittier College

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Mandie takes a specific interest in the liminal spaces Mexican women occupy when it comes to their reproductive rights. She has also  continued to focus her research on the mechanization of the Mexican female body.


Addison Woolsey

Latin American and Caribbean Studies B.A., McGill University

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Addison has worked as a translator and ceramic artist in Mexico, where he was a long-term artist-in-residence from 2016 to 2019 at Taller Mono Rojo (Mexico City) and studied traditional firing techniques in Santa María Atzompa (Oaxaca).

Addison's  research focuses on  how artists and anthropologists in Latin America are responding to the climate crisis. He is  particularly interested in the political implications of the ontological turn in anthropology (Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo Kohn, Marisol de la Cadena) and the ways in which the disciplines of art and anthropology interact in the work of a group of contemporary Mexican artists whose production gestures towards non-textual, plastic ethnographic practices (Eduardo Abaroa, Lorena Ancona, Jorge Satorre, Noé Martínez, Aleph Escobedo). 





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