February 1, 2018/ 7:00 PM

Film Screening: In this Corner of the World

This 2016 animated film is a wartime drama set in 1940s Hiroshima and is nominated for the 45th Annie Awards for Best Independent Feature.

"The film takes place in 1944 in a city called Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture and is about Suzu, the main character, who moves to the city through marriage. Even in difficult times during the war, Suzu lives a fruitful life through wit and sheer determination. What does war look like in the eyes of civilians? What was the nuclear bomb like to the people of Hiroshima? The film depicts these answers in a compassionate way."

There will be a Q&A session after the screening with the director Sunao Katabuchi and producer Taro Maki.

About the director: Sunao Katabuchi
Mr. Katabuchi is an animation director who creates characters and worlds with subtlety as seen in such films as “Princess Arete” (2001) “BLACK LAGOON” (2006), and “Mai Mai Miracle” (2009).

This event is Free and open to the Public.
Persons with disabilities who may need assistance should contact the organizer, Yuichiro Uno, UCLA Terasaki center Visiting Researcher.
Email: unoyuichiro@gmail.com

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Special thanks to UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
Ellen C. Scott, Associate Professor and Head of the Cinema and Media Studies Program.
Junko Yamazaki, UCLA Assistant Professor Asian Languages & cultures Department.