February 3, 2017/ 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

UCLA Young Research Library 280 Charles E Young Dr N Los Angeles CA

Zadankai II: Nationality, Ethnicity, and Race in Postwar Literature, Historiography, and Media ; 座談会II: 戦後文学、歴史学、メディアにおける国民、民族、人種"

UCLA East Asian Library invites three scholars of modern Japan to engage in an open impromptu round-table discussion (zadankai) on questions of nationality, ethnicity, and race in multiple dimensions--postwar literature, historiography, and media. Linking these dimensions through their free-floating discussion, we attempt to further our understanding of how discourses on nationality, ethnicity, and race came to shape postwar Japanese society.

The Zadankai will be facilitated by Professor Michael Emmerich.

RSVP required. Please contact Junko Tanaka at jtanaka@library.ucla.edu.

Event will be conducted in Japanese.


Co-sponsored by the UCLA Library and the Yanai Foundation.

Download file: 2.3.17-Zadankai-II-Poster-li-mvm.pdf