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Faculty in the News

Image for International education & global collaboration linked, says Cindy Fan
Jun 7, 2022. UCLA's vice provost for international studies and global engagement, Cindy Fan, sang the praises of the 2021 joint statement [of the U.S. Departments of State and of Education] on international education. The statement acknowledges that global challenges require "partnership and collaboration across borders" in order to be resolved, she said to PIE News.
“[This] is exactly what we want to achieve in international education, and that is connecting across borders,” she said.
Image for Gaspar Rivera-Salgadao on Summit of the Americas
Jun 3, 2022. “Ha habido transformaciones profundas en varios países que tienen una nueva generación de presidentes, que han logrado sus victorias por su posición ambivalente y no tan servil y alineada a los Estados Unidos”, said the director of the UCLA Center for Mexican Studies to the Los Angeles Times about the summit boycott .
Rivera-Salgado spoke to Voice of America about the choice of Los Angeles as the summit locale, “Ver el flujo de inversión, el flujo de dinero y el impacto económico, es imaginarnos por qué la posición estratégica de Los Ángeles”.
And to the LA Times on June 9 regarding Biden's difficulty in achieving a more aggressive collaboration on migration: “It illustrates the failed promises and the limits of multilateralism because multilateralism only goes as far as nationalism.”
Image for Impact of pandemic and nationalist films on Chinese cinema
Jun 3, 2022. Given increased hurdles for the distribution of Hollywood films in China, said UCLA Center for Chinese Studies Director Michael Berry to Barron's, “The more interesting question once theaters reopen will be: just how big is China's appetite for patriotic-themed feel-good movies and war films about self-sacrificing heroes? It remains to be seen if the recent grassroots backlash against China's zero-Covid policy and extended lockdowns will also result in audiences growing sour on the deluge of ‘positive energy' films that have taken over China's multiplexes.”
Image for Dalia Dassa Kaye: Biden
Jun 3, 2022. "It will be ironic if a President who said he was going to reverse Trump's reckless regional policies ended up with an approach that looks remarkably similar. It's not the Orb, but it's painfully close," says UCLA Burkle Center Senior Fellow Dalia Dassa Kaye about her recent Foreign Affairs article.