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Faculty in the News

Image for Ralphe Bunche and
May 10, 2023. In an essay for Zocalo Public Square, Kal Raustiala writes, "Bunche's involvement in what he called 'the problem of Palestine' grew out of a lifelong commitment to anticolonialism and racial justice. He strongly believed in the right of all peoples to self-determination.
"Early on he recognized that a just resolution to what he called 'the refugee problem'—the Palestinians displaced from their lands—was essential to any lasting peace," adds the director of the UCLA Burkle Center. "The two-state solution of his original U.N. proposal has, of course, never been realized, despite the widespread recognition of the state of Palestine in recent years."
Image for Min Zhou interviewed about Monterey Park mass shooting
Speaking to NPR about the recent shooting in Monterey Park, a local community for which she has great affection, Professor of Asian American Studies Min Zhou said, "Well, whatever the motive of the killer — right? — one thing to me is for certain — that that person is definitely emboldened by the gun culture in this society and also by the violence against Asians in the recent years, especially during the pandemic... [W]hen we are walking on the street and... doing things in the community, now we are still scared." Zhou is director of the UCLA Asia Pacific Center.
Image for Pandemic offers learning opportunity for entire families
"What we've heard families say more of... [is] they see their kids are more relaxed now. They're less stressed," said UCLA Professor of Education Marjorie Faulstich Oreallana, associate vice provost of the UCLA International Institute, of a diary-based study of U.S. families during the pandemic published in the Harvard Educational Review.
"[W]e also wanted to show the world that both parents and children learned a lot of life lessons... Some teenagers wrote stories and diaries [expressing] that they learned to be empathetic," said co-author Priscilla Liu. Added second co-author Sophia L. Angeles, "[W]e learned that multigenerational households are rich with resources whether that be cultural, linguistic, or human. I hope that we are able to recognize these types of households in a more positive light moving forward."