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The Afterlives of Faulty Science

The Global Promise of 'Food for All' and the Impact on Mexico's Environment and People

Bunche Hall, Rm 6275

What can the aftermath of scientific innovation reveal about a country like Mexico? In this talk we return to the Yaqui Valley in northern Mexico, the place from which the Green Revolution was launched in the mid-twentieth century. Celebrated as the agro-tech innovation that would end global hunger, the Green Revolution — a package composed of hybrid seed technology, fertilizer use, irrigation, and mechanization— transformed farming and in some areas quadrupled grain yields. These innovations also ushered in a series of unanticipated ecological disasters in farming communities. Today drought, land-tenure problems, polluted water, ongoing violence, and funding cuts are impacting communities in both novel and expected ways. Most surprising, perhaps, is how this has impacted on-going experiments in the research station in the Yaqui Valley.


Gabriela Soto-Laveaga
The Huntington Library/ Harvard University

Cost : Free

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Sponsor(s): Center for Mexican Studies, Department of History

22 Apr 24
4:00 PM -

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