Joint Efforts on Smart Precision Machinery and Robotics

Smart precision machinery and robotics which provide new industrial revolution and unleash profound changes to the global automation and machinery will have a massive impact on end users and OEMs.

To further move forward this shaping-the-world technology, in this online forum, experts with academic-industrial experiences will share their perspectives and showcase their latest research developments with a specific aim to bring the efforts together to the next level of technology advancement.

June 16, 2021
17:00 (PDT)


United States | UCLA

Tsu-Chin Tsao
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Veronica Santos
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering

Jacob Rosen
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering and Surgery

Taiwan | NTHU & NTU

Jen-Yuan "James" Chang
Professor, Power Mechanical Engineering
National Tsing Hua University

Ping-Lang Yen
Associate Professor, Department of Biomechatronics Engineering
National Taiwan University

Canada | University of Toronto

Eric Diller
Associate Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto

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