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Courses with * will show up on DAR in April

Spring Courses Here


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Study abroad courses and UC/Non-UC courses

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GLOBAL STUDIES COURSES- Fall 2024-25 Offerings

Core courses are offered once a year. Global Studies 1 will be offered Fall and summer, and tentatively Winter for AY 24-25. Travel Study is required for majors but students should visit advising office if they can't meet this requirement to explore options.

*I A STD 195CE is an optional internship course that fulfills capstone requirement for majors

** GLBL ST 191 is for seniors only

Subject to change

Fall 24 Winter 25 Spring 25 Summer 25



GLBL ST 1 (5 units)
Tejas Parasher

GLBL ST 160 (4 units)
Kal Raustiala

GLBL ST 191** (4 units)
Eric Min


GLBL ST 1 (5 units)
Shaina Potts

GLBL ST 102** (5 units)
Maggie Peters

GLBL ST 103** (5 units)
Eric Min

GLBL ST 160 (4 units)
Sanjeev Gupta-elective 

GLBL ST 191** (4 units)
Tejas Parasher

*I A STD 195CE (4 units)

GLBL ST 104 (5 units)
Hannah Appel 

GLBL ST 191** (4 units)
Laurie Hart

*I A STD 195CE (4 units)

GLBL ST 1 (5 units)

GLBL ST 110A/113AD (5 units)

GLBL ST 110B/113BD (5 units)

*I A STD 195CE (4 units)


 Minor worksheet

Course Descriptions 





Enrollment Tips                       Declare the Minor


At least 20 units of the minor (upper and lower division) must be exclusive to the minor.



Courses with * will show up on DAR in April

Spring Courses Here


Click HERE for past course offerings


 Session A Session B3 Session C

Travel Study


Study abroad courses and UC/Non-UC courses

Petition for Committee Review


Core courses are offered once a year. Global Studies 1 is only offered Fall and summer, and tentatively Winter for AY 24-25.

Subject to change

Fall 24 Winter 25 Spring 25 Summer  

GLBL ST 1 (5 units)
Tejas Parasher

GLBL ST 160 (4 units)
Kal Raustiala-elective

GLBL ST 1 (5 units)
Shaina Potts

GLBL ST 102 (5 units)
Maggie Peters

GLBL ST 103 (5 units)
Eric Min

GLBL ST 160 (4 units)
Sanjeev Gupta-elective

GLBL ST 104 (5 units)
Hannah Appel


GLBL ST 1 (5 units)

Optional Travel Study

GLBL ST 110A (5 units)

 GLBL ST 110B (5 units)


Choose ONE option during senior year to fulfill the senior capstone requirement

1. One Quarter of Independent Research

Complete research in any quarter of  senior year (Glbl St 199A). Potential advisors can be only Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, or Emeritus. Lecturers, adjunct, and visiting instructors are not allowed. 

Enrollment Steps (Begin process no later than Week 1 of the quarter prior the start of your research)

  1. Narrow down your topic. (the central question/topic must be on a globalization theme)
  2. Write a well-developed thesis statement.
  3. E-mail your thesis statement to Glbl St office to receive approval.
  4. Find a Faculty Advisor (Adjunct Professors are not allowed. Check instructor's title HERE)
  5. Faculty advisor must submit Faculty Form by Wed of week 1 of term of enrollment
  6. Submit signed contract  to enroll in Glbl St 199A. Instructions to create contract HERE by Wed of week 1 of term of enrollment


  • Schedule times to meet with your advisor to receive periodic feedback on your paper
  • Attend two Undergraduate Research Center Cornerstone Research Series Workshops by week 2 of term of enrollment
  • 10-15 page original research paper
  • Submit final paper and proof of attendance to workshops to GS advising office to receive credit for capstone
  • Example of GS 199A paper can be found on BruinLearn.

2. One Quarter of Internship Experience

Internships must be done during senior year, including the summer.



  • Students with Senior standing (those who have completed 135 units or more) and who have completed at least one core course (Glbl St 102, 103, or 104).
  • Internships must relate to globalization and deal with issues that involve crossing international borders.  See here for examples of approved internships.
  •   Internship must consist of a minimum of 80 hours and 8 weeks during a quarter. On campus internships are not eligible.

Timeline and Enrollment 

International students should consult the Dashew Center prior to beginning their internship research process*

  1. Junior Year*: Search for internships on Handshake, LinkedIn, etc. (no later than week 1 of the quarter prior in which you will enroll in the course).  Browse examples of previously approved Global Studies internships HERE.
  2. Before Fall or Winter of Senior Year: Submit Capstone Interest Petition Form for approval (allow two weeks for processing). 
  3. Enroll in I A STD 195CE:  Once internship is approved, enroll in the course by following these STEPS

*Search for internships as soon as you reach 125 units 

Internship sites

Students are expected to find their own internships and ensure they meet eligibility requirements. The programs below are options that may fulfill the GS major requirement. 

Academic Year:

 UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) Poli Sci 192A Internship

 UCLA Quarter in Washington (UCDC) I A STD 195CE.  Elective course may also be petitioned for a pillar

 UCEAP Internship Programs Internship course while abroad.

Summer:  students should plan around required Summer Glbl St travel study program 

 D.C. Fellows Summer in Washington Program I A STD 195CE  Internship Course 

UCLA Global Internship Program I A STD 195CE remote while doing an internship abroad.

Apply now for the 2023-24 school year!
Deadline: Friday, Week 7 of Fall Quarter



  • Spend 2 consecutive quarters researching a topic on globalization you are passionate about
  • Receive individual writing mentorship from a UCLA faculty member
  • Add Departmental Honors recognition to your diploma and transcript 
  • Strengthen research skills for graduate school and career
  • Satisfy your Senior Capstone Requirement!



  • Be officially declared as an GS major
  • Completion of GS courses: (GS 102, 103, and 104)
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA for all upper division GS courses
  • Thesis topic must be screened by GS department before submission
  • More information can be found on our Honors Booklet below.


  1. Attend an online or/and in-person library research workshops/tutorials on narrowing down your topic, finding sources, organizing information, etc.
  2. Attend the Spring Undergraduate Research Workshop and complete the worksheet to start narrowing down your topic and turning your topic into research questions!
  3. Global Studies Library Resource Guide: Find journals and sources for your thesis.
  4. Make an appointment with our Global Studies Librarian: Joseph Yue,





Honors Guidelines Booklet Application (gmail account required)  
Faculty Form 



Past GS Theses  Writing Assistance





These are also available on the WI+RE website, and on the Library's YouTube channel!

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Summer Travel Study is required for Global Studies majors, and optional for Global Studies minors. 

Global Studies majors may participate in EAP study abroad programs in addition to the required Global Studies Travel Study programs if they plan accordingly.

Select the links below to learn more about each program.

Travel Study (required)+

 travel pictures of japan  

          Scholarships Available for Global Studies Majors






  • 10 UCLA graded units (two classes: Glbl St 110A and 110B)
  • All programs are taught in English (there are no language prerequisites).
  • 3-4 week-long summer programs
  • Financial aid might cover part of the cost, check with Financial Aid office for details.  
  • Registration begins on November 18. To register, visit the IEO website

    Glbl St Majors: Travel Study is a requirement**. The optional Glbl St 199 course (Directed Research in Global Studies, resulting in a research paper) can be petitioned to be used towards an elective requirement, where relevant.

    Glbl St Minors:
    Travel Study is optional. The two courses may be applied towards any two electives for the minor. The optional Glbl St 199 course (Directed Research in Global Studies, resulting in a research paper) can be petitioned to be used towards the 3rd elective requirement for the minor with Chair approval.

    ** DACA/undocumented students who are not able to participate in travel study may fulfill this requirement domestically. Please meet with a Global Studies counselor to explore your options. 

UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) (optional)+

Summer, semester and year-long programs in 42 countries. Take a Virtual World Tour to explore available locations! 
  • Many offer internships, research, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Financial Aid available.
  • Approval Process

    Use database--->Email course descriptions for pre-approval--->Submit official petitions upon your return. More details below:



    Tips on how to choose a program, petitioning courses, and more!

    See Fact Sheet here


    Filter by country for sample EAP courses taken by previous Global Studies students

    See Database here


    Visit the UCLA International Education Office for a complete list of programs.


    Quarter in Washington (UCDC) (optional)+

    Researching World Politics: can be used to satisfy the Governance and Conflict requirement as long as the paper focuses on globalization. Students must have paper topic pre-approved. Some examples of acceptable topics are:

    • What explains support for trade, international finance, migration, or foreign direct investment
    • The role of social media in spreading misinformation globally (not just the US)
    • Globalization and the rise of the Far Right globally (or insert other problems like climate change)
    • The role of international organizations in solving global problems (for example, climate change, the Russia-Ukraine war, development, terrorism, the Iran Nuclear Deal, regulating social media companies)

    Power and Purpose: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy: can be used to satisfy the Governance and Conflict requirement

    I A STD 195CE: can be petitioned for Senior Capstone (internship must relate to globalization and deal with issues that involve crossing international borders)

    International Institute Events

    Attend numerous events on specific world regions and pressing global issues. For upcoming International Institute Events, visit the Event Calendar. 


     Event Calendar


    International Institute Open House

    International Institute Career Panel

    Recommended Campus Groups

    • Global Development Lab - Equips students with skills and resources necessary to foster global development initiatives.
    • GlobeMed at UCLA  - Promoting global health equity through partnerships and sustainability.

           Find more UCLA student groups HERE


    All Regions



    Program-Specific Aid

    Students studying abroad through programs below are eligible for funding.

    General Study Abroad Scholarship Sites

    • UCLA Summer Travel Study Scholarships & Other Scholarship Opportunities
    • UCLA Scholarship Resource Center-Study Abroad Scholarships
      Search for scholarships, grants, & fellowships. Located at 233 Covel Commons. For more information, call (310) 206-2875
      Forum on Financial Aid-Sources and Tips for Study Abroad Funding
    • UCLA Career Center Lab & UCLA Library
      There are numerous books available that highlight financial aid for specific programs and destinations. Here are a few to look into:
      • Financial Aid for Study Abroad by Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber.
      • Work, Study, Travel Abroad: The Whole World Handbook, Council on International Educational Exchange.
      • Financial aid for research and creative activities abroad, Reference Service Press.
      • Financial aid for study and training abroad, Reference Service Press.
      • Financial resources for international study: a guide for U.S. nationals, Institution of International Education.



    UCLA Undergraduate Research Center Awards:

    • Travel Grants
      Funding for presenting a paper at a regional / national conference
    • UCLA Undergraduate Research Fellows Program
      2-quarter (Winter and Spring) research project / honors thesis
    • UCLA Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP)
      Completion of Honors Thesis or 199 project during senior year


    • UndocuBruins Fellowship Program: a fellowship program that ensures all students, regardless of immigration status, have the opportunity to receive financial support and achieve their educational and professional goals. Application closes August 29th, 2022.
    • Mariposa Achivement Project (MAP) Scholarship: MAP Scholarship was created to support undocumented students cover the cost of academic materials. Application will close on September 23, 2022.

    Summer Research Opportunities


    The Departmental Scholar Program (DSP) allows exceptional juniors and seniors to pursue the bachelor's and master's degrees simultaneously. It offers advanced students access to graduate level classes and an opportunity to do graduate level research under the direct supervision of UCLA's distinguished faculty.

    International Institute Academic Programs that have participated in the Departmental Scholars program in the past include:


    Students seeking nomination to the Departmental Scholar Program should review the eligibility criteria on the UCLA Honors Programs website.

    Application Process

    A completed application must include all of the following materials before being considered for admission:

    • Statement of Purpose –No more than two pages in length. Statement of purpose should describe academic, and/or professional experience
    • Two Letters of Recommendation – Letters should be from tenured UCLA faculty members as specified here
    • Writing Sample – A research paper or other writing sample that well demonstrates writing and analytical skills (10 pages maximum). The goal of the writing sample is to demonstrate your ability to write professionally and clearly. For that reason, the writing sample should be written in English.
    • Transcript (can be unofficial)

    For more information please contact:

    Yumi Kinoshita, Academic Advisor
    UCLA International Institute Academic Programs
    Office of Academic Advising
    10256  Bunche Hall
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487

    Zoom meetings can be scheduled here. 

    For general information on becoming a Departmental Scholar, or to see if other departments offer similar programs, please contact College Honors.



    Meet your Major/Minor Advisors!

    We strive to provide holistic and comprehensive support to our students through one-on-one advising, workshops and events. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our students to make a positive impact in the world both during and after their college careers as informed and responsible global citizens.


    Global Studies & IDS Advisor Sandy Valdivieso

    Sandy Valdivieso


    Global Studies & IDS Advisor

    Liz Alvarez

    We can assist you with:

    • Thoughtful academic and professional planning
    • Exploration of research
    • Inspire internship opportunities and experiences abroad
    • Helping you connect your major to your career and personal goals
    • Clarifying the scope and requirements of the major or minor

    Contact your Counseling Unit with questions about GE/IGETC Requirements, Course Add/Drop Petitions, Degree Plan Contracts, College-specific requirements, Holds, Grad Checks, Probation status, Readmission, etc.

    Contact the Registrar's Office with questions about registration, fees, classes, etc.- view FAQ's

    E-mail us:  

    Please include your name and UID in all emails.


    Current UCLA students only. If you're not a UCLA student, please e-mail us. The appointment will be cancelled if you're not present (online or in person) within 5 minutes of the scheduled time. Our offices are located in Bunche Hall 10270 & 10274. MY.UCLA APPOINTMENT SCHEDULER