IPO Workshops

During the first two weeks in the program, you will spend time in intensive workshops designed to help you develop strategies to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English, experience sample business classes offered at UCLA Anderson, preview UCLA Anderson's career resources, and learn a little about American culture.


Language Workshops

Listening & Speaking

During this workshop, students analyze and discuss videotapes and transcripts of actual UCLA Anderson courses in an effort to better understand classroom communication. Covered topics include:

  • Characteristics of good public speaking
  • Group presentations at UCLA Anderson
  • Effective expression of opinions, preferences, and disagreements
  • Recognizing and responding to questions
  • Comprehending native-speaker English


This workshop helps you enhance your English writing skills and explore the characteristics of effective MBA writing. In particular, you learn about the:

  • Qualities and structure of a good case write-up
  • Types of grammatical and vocabulary choices that contribute to good writing

Also, the instructor meets independently with each of you to discuss a specific piece of your own writing.

Business Learning Workshops

During these workshops, you are given a chance to participate in miniature version of UCLA Anderson core courses. In previous years courses have covered topics in Finance, Strategy, and Organizational Behavior. You will:

  • Experience case class interaction and lectures
  • Complete sample group assignments, such as short case analyses and presentations
  • Learn about UCLA Anderson norms and expectations
  • Get feedback about classroom performance
  • Parker Career Management Session