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Moving to the US
Academic Experience
Social Events
Registration and Payment
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Moving to the US

How early should I arrive in Los Angeles?
It's best to arrive as early as you can before the IPO begins, but we recognize that because of current visa requirements you may arrive very close to the start of the progam.

Will I have time to get settled in the US while I’m in the program?
Yes. You will have time to begin settling into the US on the weekend between the first and second week of this program. However, please note that this 2-week program is intensive. You will be in class every day M-F from 9 am – 4 pm. Attendance in all sessions is mandatory.

Academic Experience

Will these classes count towards my MBA degree?
No. These classes are your chance to practice and prepare for the MBA experience. They will not go on your academic record.

Will I receive a grade for my participation?
No. This program is ungraded. However, instructors will provide you with feedback about your assignments in an effort to help you improve your language skills and better understand the expectations of UCLA Anderson faculty during the regular school year.

Will I be assigned homework?
Yes. You will have considerably less homework than you will during the regular school year (and it won't be graded), but we do give assignments to help you apply what you learn in class.

How will I get my books and materials for the program?
All reading materials are included in the IPO fee and will be given to you at our first meeting.

What is the attendance policy for the program?
Attendance to all events is mandatory. In our experience, people who attend all classes end up getting the most benefit and enjoyment from the program.

Social Events

What social events are included in the program?
We have many fun events during IPO. Past events have included an opening reception, a day at the beach, field trips to local L.A. attractions, concerts, scavenger hunts, several lunches, and a closing barbecue. Social events change from year to year. All of these events are included in your registration fee.

Registration & Payment

How much does IPO Cost?
IPO has two costs, first is the program cost of $1500. In addition, there is a one unit summer session registration fee of $454. These are two separate registration payments: When you first register for IPO, you will be asked to pay the $1500. Instructions on how to pay the Summer Sessions registration fee will be emailed to you after completing IPO program registration.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Online credit card payment for the IPO is accepted upon registration. To register, access the registration website, fill out the information, and click next to continue.

How Do I Pay for IPO?
Payment can be made using any of the authorized credit cards listed on the payment site. However, payment must be in dollars so please check with you credit card company to make certain the company will authorize a dollar payment.

Other Questions

How is this program different from the Dashew International Center Orientation Program?
We are unique in that we offer a custom-tailored academic program for the entering MBA student. The Dashew program offers undergraduate and graduate students general guidance on moving to the U.S.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?
If you have any program-related questions, send us an email.

Can you put me in touch with MBA students who have participated in the program?
If you are interested in talking to an MBA student, send us an email.