This site should serve as a hub to orient the UC community - students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends - in what instruction in LCTLs across UC campuses entails. We offer some basic guidelines and starting points for instructors in conducting their courses by DL, or in transitioning current courses to a DL mode; some pointers for students looking at a LCTL by DL; links to DL courses already successfully run or currently running; and links and references to some of the best sites and information from across the country and around the world on language instruction by DL.

DL Coordinator for LCTLs

Magda Yamamoto
10373 Bunche Hall
tel: 310.206.6571

Instructional Technology Coordinator

UCLA Center for Digital Humanities:
Dr. Annelie Rugg
1043 Public Policy Building
tel: 310.930.0717