Add a Certificate in Russian language and Culture to your degree in any STEM major!

STEM majors are frequently asked to operate in a global environment as firms expand their markets. Understanding the culture and business practices of other countries can make the engineer more competitive and sought after. Increasingly, companies see the need for employees with language and culture skills.

By completing this program, you will receive a “Certificate in Russian Language and Culture for STEM” issued by the UCLA Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures.

The certificate requires 20-25 units over the course of two summers or a summer and a year, that can be satisfied by either lower or upper division courses. It also includes some time spent in a Russian-speaking country either in a formal language study program, or as a participant in an independent or guided research project, internship or volunteer work. The goal in completing the certificate is to gain an understanding of Russian people, language, culture and business practices.

Fill out an application here. Please send the completed form and a digital copy of your unofficial transcript to