Photo for Teaching and Learning Southeast Asia...

UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies faculty, students, and alumni share insights about the transition to new remote instruction and learning environments in Spring 2020.


Faculty and students experience learning Indonesian remotely, together

With the transition to remote learning, Dr. Juliana Wijaya speaks about how she teaches Indonesian now and how that affects her relationship with the students.

From YouTube to a hybrid classroom – Burmese language learning

Kenneth Wong, the Burmese language instructor for UC Berkeley and UCLA, speaks about his Burmese roots and how that brought him to teach distance learning Burmese.


Connecting with the Khmer community through language

Frank Smith, the Khmer language instructor for UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Irvine, shares about his introduction to the Khmer American community and how he sustains that relationship through his students.


Inviting greater understanding of indigenous Southeast Asia

UCLA Professor Oona Paredes shares her personal experience of becoming interested in Indigenous studies and how she makes Indigenous peoples the center of both her research and teaching.


Bringing Thai classical music to students

As director of the UCLA Music of Thailand Ensemble, Professor Supeena Adler continues to push for musical and cultural engagement through remote instruction.


Sparking students' interests in Southeast Asia

Professor Damon Woods, a lecturer on Southeast Asian history, shares his experience teaching and introducing students to Southeast Asia for the past 15 years.



FLAS Fellow reflects on his service to UCLA and the Southeast Asian community

Joseph Nguyen graduates in June 2020 with a double major in Human Biology & Society and Asian Languages & Linguistics and Asian Languages minor and is a recipient of the 2019-2020 FLAS Fellowship.


Poor communities in Jakarta fight for their land and livelihoods

Dian Tri Irawaty, Ph.D. candidate in geography, reports on how her research on grassroots movements for housing rights in Jakarta and the communities around her have been affected by COVID-19.


CSEAS alum weaves Southeast Asia into his career in academia

Brandon Reilly is Associate Professor in History at Santa Monica College, where he teaches courses on East Asian, Southeast Asian, and world history. He received his Ph.D. in Southeast Asian History from the UCLA in 2013.


Southeast Asian history taught online and through a global lens

Dr. Dahlia Setiyawan, the associate chair for the history department at Windward School, shares about her current experience transitioning to remote instruction and her approach to teaching history.






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Published: Monday, April 27, 2020