Photo for New Association of Indonesian Americans

Photo: Association for Indonesian Americans, UCLA 2020

Recently formed, the Association of Indonesian Americans releases mission statement to introduce the objectives and pillars of their new student organization.

Founded in 2020, the Association of Indonesian Americans is an organization for Indonesian-Americans, people of Indonesian descent, and people who are interested in the political, social, cultural, or educational aspects of the Indonesian-American community in the United States. This organization was formed out of a need to create a space for a group that is historically underrepresented in many facets of American society.

As members of the Association of Indonesian Americans , we feel that it is our duty to not only learn and interpret Indonesian and Indonesian-American history and culture but to empower Indonesian-Americans and members of this organization by uniting and supporting the Indonesian-American community through our five tenets:

  • Political Advocacy: To develop greater political efficacy and advocacy in order for
    Indonesian-Americans in the United States to be fairly represented and have the opportunity to
    participate in the American political environment.
  • Social Interaction: To encourage long-lasting bonds with other members of the Association of
    Indonesian Americans to cultivate solidarity, empowerment, and happiness within this
    organization and the greater Indonesian-American community.
  • Cultural Awareness: To promote Indonesian-American cultural awareness and encourage
    members to understand their historical and social differences in order to bridge the cultural gap
    between Indonesian-Americans and Indonesians.
  • Education: To educate members of the Association of Indonesian Americans about the
    Indonesian-American community and to spread our understanding of the Indonesian-American
    community to the UCLA campus.
  • Outreach: To engage with the immediate Indonesian-American community and the greater
    Indonesian community through cultural events and community service.




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Published: Thursday, April 9, 2020