Community Colleges

The Center is committed to providing opportunities for any community college instructor in California to receive training to incorporate more Southeast Asian Studies into their curriculum and instruction.

To receive funding to attend these workshops:

Upcoming Workshops:


Ongoing opportunities for community college instructors:

UC Berkeley ORIAS Summer Institutes for Community College Teachers
The Office of Resources for International and Area Studies hosts a Community College Summer Institute every year, designed for community college and AP-level history and social studies teachers, exploring unique themes in World History and train teachers to incorporate new content into classroom lessons. 

Past community college workshops:

Teaching History Conference at UCLA (2019) 

UC Berkeley ORIAS Online World History Cohort (2018-2022)

UC Berkeley ORIAS Summer Institute for Community College Teachers

People Power (2020)
The Global Rise of National Populism (2019)
Migration & Diaspora (2018)

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Published: Friday, October 25, 2019