Questions about Eligibility

Q: Who is eligible to receive a AY Dissertation Research Abroad FLAS Fellowship? UCLA graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and are enrolled in a Ph.D. program that requires a dissertation. Students must be at an advanced level of Southeast Asian language study during the fellowship award period to have the language skills necessary to conduct their research.

Q: My graduate program is not a Ph.D. program. Am I eligible? No. Only Ph.D. students who are writing a dissertation to complete their degree are eligible.

Q: I have previously received or currently have a FLAS fellowship for coursework. Can I re-apply for the Dissertation Research FLAS? Yes. In the application, please indicate that you will be abroad for the duration of the Dissertation Research FLAS award.

Q: I have previously received or currently have a Dissertation Research FLAS Fellowship. Can I re-apply for the Dissertation FLAS? Yes, you can apply for the AY Dissertation Writing FLAS Fellowship. The Dissertation Writing FLAS must be used for finishing up the dissertation at UCLA. Students should already completed all their required coursework and dissertation field research. The Dissertation Writing FLAS is intended to support students as they complete this last step of their doctoral program. Students will be expected to graduate at the end of the award period.


Questions about Enrollment

Q: If I receive the Dissertation Research Abroad FLAS, what will my enrollment status be? Students should have already completed their required coursework and must be cleared by their department and committee chair to conduct their dissertation fieldwork research for the entire academic year. Students will need to file a request with their department for in absentia status for the academic year.

Q: If I will have in absentia status, am I eligible for the full FLAS Fellowship award? Yes. The Dissertation Research Abroad FLAS Fellowship covers your in absentia tuition and fees and UC SHIP for the year and includes the $15,000 stipend.

Q: What are the required coursework? Students must be fully enrolled (at least 12 units per quarter) at UCLA only in 599 Dissertation Research courses for whole year with their committee chair or another faculty in their department.

Q: Am I required to conduct my dissertation fieldwork aboard? Students with Dissertation Research Abroad FLAS must conduct their fieldwork abroad for at least two quarters of the year.

Q: Can I conduct my fieldwork for part of the year and enroll in regular coursework at UCLA for the reminder? No. Dissertation Research FLAS is only intended for students to conduct their fieldwork during the award period.

 Q: If I receive the Dissertation Writing FLAS, what will my enrollment status be? Students should have already completed their required coursework and fieldwork. Students should enroll full-time in 599 Independent Study courses with their department and finish writing their dissertation at UCLA.


Questions about Application

Q: How should I indicate that I am applying for AY  Dissertation Research Abroad FLAS? On the Academic Year FLAS application, check the box for "Enrollment for dissertation at UCLA or abroad." Indicate the target country and institution abroad where you will be conducting your research. 

 Q: What do I need to do to get my dissertation fieldwork proposal approved? You do not need any further documentation or approval for dissertation fieldwork at the FLAS application stage. If selected for the AY Dissertation FLAS, you will need to get approval from your committee to conduct your fieldwork. You will also need to submit a detailed proposal for the entire academic year to the Center over the summer months. Your proposal needs to include affiliations to universities and institutions in the target country, a methodologies section about research sources and materials, and a quarterly plan listing your research goals and tasks.


Questions about Reporting

Q: What are the reporting requirements? There are several. FLAS recipients are required to submit a post-Fellowship report with letter grades for all courses taken during the award period through the online reporting system of the U.S. Department of Education. In addition, students must arrange to take a language proficiency evaluation with an instructor at the beginning and end of the fellowship period. Students are also required to submit brief quarterly reports to the center administering their FLAS award. Finally, FLAS recipients are required to provide information every two years following graduation about their ongoing use of the target language and employment for 8 years following graduation from UCLA. FLAS recipients must provide their current contact information to the UCLA center awarding their FLAS in compliance with this requirement.






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Published: Friday, June 28, 2019