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In Memoriam: Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy: 1927-2009

In Memoriam: Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy: 1927-2009

Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy, an ethnomusicologist with an international reputation as a researcher, teacher, administrator, and an emeritus faculty member of the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology and the Center for India and South Asia, died peacefully on Saturday, June 20 at his home in Van Nuys, California.

A memorial service will be held at the UCLA Popper Auditorium in the Schoenburg Music Building from 3-5pm on October 30, 2009. A reception is scheduled to follow from 5-6pm.

Jairazbhoy joined the UCLA Department of Music as a full professor in 1975 and in 1988 became the founding chair of the new Department of Ethnomusicology and Systematic Musicology at UCLA.

Professor Jairazbhoy’s comprehensive knowledge of India’s folk, classical, and popular music traditions was unrivalled among those in the field of ethnomusicology, which combines the study of music with the ethnographic techniques and theories of anthropology. In addition, his promotion of audio-visual documentation and use of technology to disseminate performing arts traditions, his leadership in advancing the methodological debates of his field, and his pioneering efforts to create institutions which advance the study of “world music” traditions, made a place for him among those whose goal is no less than global human understanding.

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Published: Monday, June 29, 2009