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K-12 Outreach

Training for K-12 educators has long been a prominent part of the LAI’s mission. Developed over three decades, our outreach program equips Los Angeles K-12 teachers to incorporate Latin American content into their curriculum in accordance with state academic standards. Each year the outreach coordinator organizes seminars and workshops on topics such as the history of corn or indigenous perspectives on the Conquest of Mexico. Speakers include UCLA faculty with expertise on the topic, faculty from other universities, or experts from cultural institutions. The workshops are accredited by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and participants receive salary points, professional development credit, or academic units upon completion of course requirements, including development of lesson plans and instructional materials. Workshops also include the full participation of an in-service teacher as a curriculum advisor.

Recent Latin American Institute Workshops

Spring 2018: Street Vendors as Entrepreneurs: Informal Economies in Latin America
Summer 2018: Cities in Latin America: Ancient to Modern
Fall 2018: Guatemalan Day of the Dead
Winter 2019: Street Entrepreneurs: Contesting Space
Spring 2019: Maize Meets Tortilla Chips: History and Culture of Corn
Summer 2019: Giant Kites of Guatemala
Summer 2019: Mesoamerica from Maya to Aztec
Summer 2020: The Florentine Codex: The Conquest of Mexico Through Indigenous Eyes
Summer 2021: 500 Years Later: The Conquest of Mexico
Summer 2022: The Making of Oaxacalifornia

History-Geography Project Collaboration

In partnership with UCLA's other two Title VI National Resource Centers (Center for Southeast Asian Studies and Center for Near Eastern Studies), the Latin American Institute co-organizes workshops with the UCLA History-Geography Project, a UCLA School of Education and Information Studies (SEIS) initiative that trains K-12 social studies teachers in curriculum development, lesson planning, critical literacy, and more. The LAI has developed training sessions on topics such as World Cities, bringing Latin America-specific content to workshops with global coverage.

Recent History-Geography Project Workshops

Summer 2022: Sites of Encounter in World History: Quetzaltenango

For more information on the Latin American Institute's K-12 outreach program, contact outreach and community engagement coordinator Veronica Zavala at


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