The Center for European and Russian Studies (CERS) has a long record of excellence in advancing innovative teaching, research, and public education that enhance knowledge of the languages, cultures, and societies of modern and contemporary Europe and Russia. Drawing on the widely renowned expertise of our affiliated faculty and visiting scholars, CERS programs support the development of new generations of experts, foster international scholarly exchange and collaboration, and generate new insights into the complex issues that confront Europe and Russia and, in turn, impact both transatlantic and global relationships.



The center was established in 1957 and, for nearly four decades, focused on Russian and East European Studies. Following the profound changes brought about by the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the center broadened its geographical and intellectual scope, shifting its focus toward an increasingly integrated Europe. In 1993 it was reorganized as the Center for European and Russian Studies; in 2002 it expanded its regional coverage to include all the former Soviet republics and was renamed the Center for European and Eurasian Studies; in 2015 the center renewed its focus on Europe and Russia.



CERS provides a range of funding opportunities to UCLA faculty and graduate students working on Europe and Russia. Faculty support includes grants for conferences, workshops, lecture series, and short-term visits by international scholars. Student support includes summer dissertation research fellowships and language study grants, as well as year-round conference travel grants. CERS also organizes graduate student training conferences and workshops.

The center's rich program of public events features lectures and book talks, symposia and conferences, film screenings and discussions, concerts and other cultural events. This diverse academic and cultural program reaches broad sections of the Los Angeles general public and serves a wide range of constituencies, from the academic to the business, government, and consular communities.




Laurie Kain Hart

Professor of Anthropology (on leave 2023-2024)
Email: lkainhart@ucla.edu
Tel: 310-206-3652

Daniel Treisman

Professor of Political Science (Interim Director 2023-2024)
Email: treisman@polisci.ucla.edu
Tel: 310-794-5875


Liana Grancea

Executive Director, Center for European and Russian Studies
Email: lgrancea@international.ucla.edu
Tel: (310) 825-8030

Caitlyn Gvon

Program Coordinator, Center for European and Russian Studies
Email: cgvon@international.ucla.edu
Tel: (310) 825-8030