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Truly Global Behavior: Discovering Cross-Cultural Similarities in Social Interactions
Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Giovanni Rossi and an international team of researchers are studying social interactions across cultures worldwide.
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Fostering Communication on Campus: Creating an Inclusive Academic Space in Austria
Through his design of the Departments and Student Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Campus, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design Dr. Hitoshi Abe has created a unique space of interaction for faculty, staff, and students.
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Expanding Equatic: UCLA’s Carbon Removal Technology Transcends National Boundaries
Equatic, a project developed at the Institute for Carbon Management at UCLA, is contributing to global carbon removal efforts through its collaboration with Singapore.
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Affect and Agency in Recordkeeping: A Study on Former Yugoslavia
Conducting research in countries such as Croatia and Bosnia, Professor of Information Studies Dr. Anne Gilliland has explored the impact of recordkeeping on the successor states of Yugoslavia, advancing archival studies programs in the region.
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A Unique Program in Southern Africa: The UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine Partnership in Mozambique
Associate Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Chris Buck serves as in-country partner lead of the David Geffen School of Medicine Global Health Program Mozambique Partnership, overseeing educational exchange programs and clinical research activities in the country’s capital city Maputo.
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The Ifugao Archaeological Project: Uncovering Rice Terraces and Conserving Heritage in the Northern Philippines
Led by Director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies Dr. Stephen Acabado, the Ifugao Archaeological Project is an ongoing and impactful effort that has produced important findings about Philippine history.
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From Monte Albán to California: Connecting the Indigenous Past and Present in Oaxaca, Mexico
Funded by the Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad Program Grant, the UCLA Latin American Institute took K-12 LAUSD teachers to Oaxaca, Mexico for a unique educational experience, providing inspiration for enrichment of their curricula upon returning to Los Angeles.
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The Fogarty Program: Creating and Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure in Southeast Asia
Through his initiation of the Fogarty Program, UCLA dean emeritus Dr. Roger Detels has helped develop public health systems in Southeast Asia, most notably through the furthering of HIV prevention and treatment systems for many countries in the region.
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The Kahramanmaraş Project: Unearthing History in Southeastern Turkey
International archeological digs in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey — led by UCLA professor Dr. Elizabeth Carter — have revealed significant findings about cultural intersections amongst groups such as the Hittites, Romans, and Armenians since the Late Neolithic Period.

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