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Advancing the Circular Economy in Lagos
The RecyclePoints waste recycling and social benefit venture operates an incentive-based scheme which collects recyclable materials from post consumers, developing desks that utilize these materials.
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Global Health Pathway for Medical Students
The Global Health Pathway provides global health training opportunities for Internal Medicine and Medicine-Pediatrics residents in Malawi, Peru, and Thailand during their second and third postgraduate years.
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Preserving the Sound Archives of Radio Rurale de Kayes
The Modern Endangered Archives Program of UCLA funds the preservation of the broadcast history of Radio Rurale de Kayes — the first non-state radio of Mali — including popular songs, oral traditions and record broadcasts in vernacular languages.
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Creating Partnerships to Advance Children's Healthcare Abroad
Partners for Pediatric Progress is a project of the Global Health Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, focusing on creating educational partnerships that advance children's healthcare in resource-limited regions.
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Albania's Motion Picture Legacy
The Modern Endangered Archives Program of UCLA funds the digitization of a curated selection of materials from the Albanian National Film Archive, allowing access to photo negatives that chronicle the development of the Albanian film industry.
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Digitizing Endangered Newspapers in Kenya
The Modern Endangered Archives Program of UCLA funds the digitization of the most unique and endangered newspapers in the archival collection of the McMillan Memorial Library in Kenya, focusing primarily on materials from 1952-2010.
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Studying Recordkeeping After Yugoslavia
Led by Professor Anne J. Gilliland, this project focuses on the agency and affect of recordkeeping in individual and community lives after Yugoslavia.
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Preserving Tijuana's Culturo-Historical Archives
The Modern Endangered Archives Program of UCLA funds the organization and digitization of materials from the Archivo Histórico de Tijuana, including audiocassette tapes and vinyl records.
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A Digital Tool for Indigenous Language Revitalization
Dr. David Delgado Shorter oversees the Wiki for Indigenous Languages, a digital tool for indigenous language revitalization which currently offers resources in Yoem Noki and Quechua.
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An Interdisciplinary Project in Southwestern Iceland
Led by Professor Jesse Byock, the Mosfell Archeological Project is constructing a picture of human habitation in southwestern Iceland through research in history, archeology, anthropology, and more.

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