Conference on Heritage/Community Languages

Third International


The conference will focus on heritage/ community language studies as a multi-disciplinary field. Papers, posters, and panels relevant to heritage language research and pedagogy will be presented from the perspective of disciplines that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • anthropology
  • education
  • applied linguistics
  • linguistics
  • assessment
  • policy
  • bilingualism
  • psychology
  • demographics
  • sociology

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Joshua Fishman Award: Terrence G. Wiley, Ph.D., Center for Applied Linguistics

Keynote speakers for the 2018 conference will be:

Maria Carreira, California State University, Long Beach; Co-Director, NHLRC

Andrew Lynch, The University of Miami; Editor-in-Chief, Heritage Language Journal

Masha Polinsky, University of Maryland, College Park; Co-Director NHLRC