UC Pacific Rim Research Program (PRRP)

The Pacific Rim Research Program has been discontinued. Funding for the program was not renewed by UCOP. The program will be closed officially as of June 2015.

The Pacific Rim Research Program promotes the study of the Pacific Rim as a distinctive region. For the purposes of this Program, the term "Pacific Rim" encompasses all areas and nations that border the Pacific Ocean, including Southeast Asia and East Asia, Australia/New Zealand, the Pacific islands, and Pacific Latin America. The states and nations bordering the Pacific Ocean are densely linked by patterns of historical contact, geology, trade, investment, international agreements and conflicts, migration, environmental and disease vectors, and the incessant flow of ideas and cultural practices.

The Program places priority on research that is new, specific to the region, and collaborative-reaching across national boundaries and bridging academic disciplines. Proposals may come from any discipline in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, public health, or some combination thereof. Research may focus on humans in relationship to the built or natural environment, transcultural and historical constructions of the human, human-nonhuman interactions, cultural geography, transnational migrations, economic expansion, regional agricultural development, environmental health and human disease, or other themes. Proposals should address questions that contribute to an understanding of the Pacific Rim region as a whole.

Information and an archive of PRRP projects can be found at http://pacrim.ucsc.edu