Conference Multimedia: Understanding the New Middle East

Panel 3: Art & Culture in the New Middle East

A sniper fired at a group of fleeing civilians in west Mosul, Iraq. Credit Ivor Prickett/Panos Pictures

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"Algorithmic Resistance"

Laila Sakr/VJ Um Amel is a media designer known for creating the R-Shief software system. She is assistant professor of Film and Media Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara.

"Counter-Revolutionary Aesthetics in Egypt"

Jessica Winegar is Harold H. and Virginia Anderson Chair and associate professor of Anthropology and Middle East and North African Studies at Northwestern University, as well as chair of the editorial committee of Middle East Report.  She is the author of Creative Reckonings: The Politics of Art and Culture in Contemporary Egypt and co-author of Anthropology's Politics: Disciplining the Middle East. 

"Poetry Repertoires in Peak and Trough"

Elliott Colla is associate professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. He is author of the novel Baghdad Central, along with essays on modern Arab literature, culture and politics, and translations of contemporary Arabic literature.

Respondent: Ali Behdad is John Charles Hillis Professor of Literature in the Departments of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA. His most recent book is Camera Orientalis: reflections on photography of the Middle East (2016).



CNES Understanding the New Middle East- Day 1 Panel 3



CNES Understanding the New Middle East: Day 1 Panel 3

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Published: Thursday, February 8, 2018