Conference: Understanding the New Middle East

Panel 1: The Arab World Post-Uprisings

A sniper fired at a group of fleeing civilians in west Mosul, Iraq. Credit Ivor Prickett/Panos Pictures

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"What has Changed; What Hasn't?"

Joel Beinen is Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and professor of Middle East history at Stanford University. He is the author of Workers and Thieves: Labor Movements and Popular Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, among other works.

"Proxy Wars and State Failure after the Arab Uprisings"

Marc Lynch is a professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University, where he is also director of both the Institute for Middle East Studies and the Middle East Studies Program. He is author of  The New Arab Wars: Uprisings and Anarchy in the Middle East (2016).

"Crony Capitalism in the Middle East  –  What do we Know and why Does it Matter?"

Ishac Diwan is Chaire Socio-économie due Monde Arabe, Paris Sciences et Letteres and Visiting Professor at Columbia University. He has worked in the Research Complex and the Middle East and Africa departments of the World Bank. While at the World Bank Institute he led the Economic Policy Group and created the Attacking Poverty Program.

Respondent: Aomar Boum is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies at UCLA. His most recent book is Memories of Absence: How Muslims Remember Jews in Morocco.



CNES Understanding the New Middle East: Day 1 Panel 1



CNES Understanding the New Middle East: Day 1 Panel 1


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Published: Thursday, February 8, 2018