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Image for Burkle Internships 2023-24 Burkle Center Interns with Sanna Marin, Former Prime Minister of Finland Credit: Todd Cheney (UCLA).

Undergraduate Internship Program

2024-25 Interns

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Mariam Ally
Undergraduate Intern

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Narod Arisian
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Reina Cooper

Reina Cooper
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Isabelle Germain

Isabelle Germain
Undergraduate Intern

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Ashley Hiti
Undergraduate Intern

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Julianne Khoury
Undergraduate Intern

Image for Lana Kobayashi

Lana Kobayashi
Undergraduate Intern

The Generation Editorial Team

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Grace Funk

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Madeline Abellera
Staff Writer

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Charlie Donlan
Staff Writer

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Lucine Ezkian
Staff Writer

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Jade Faircloth
Staff Writer

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Seamus Kim
Staff Writer

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Chaitanya Kishore
Staff Writer

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Leena Musharbash
Staff Writer

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Joey Sinigiani
Staff Writer

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Tracy Tawil
Staff Writer

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The Burkle Center Internship Program offers UCLA undergraduate students direct exposure to international relations and related disciplines. From major events and research initiatives to student-oriented outreach programs, the Burkle Center offers a variety of avenues for interested and engaged students to get involved.


Launched in September of 2007, the Burkle Center Internship Program, one of the most competitive internship programs at UCLA, offers students interested in international relations, ample experience, exposure, and networking opportunities in global affairs.


Internships are open to current UCLA undergraduate students and last throughout the academic year (fall through spring). Preference is given to juniors and seniors, although the Center has hosted sophomores in the past.

Hours and Expectations

The Burkle Center places a strong emphasis on initiative and teamwork. Interns are expected to maintain a professional demeanor and appearance at all times.

Internship Commitment: Seven hours per week plus event staffing and outreach activities. The weekly commitment includes a one-hour weekly meeting with Burkle Center staff and fellow interns, three hours at the Burkle Center office and three hours remote work.

Tasks include help to staff events, participate in outreach, and assist the Center with short- and long-term projects and its daily needs. Other tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Event production and facilitation
  • Graphic design (making event flyers, social media graphics, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)
  • Social media and outreach, including content creation and coordination
  • Website maintenance and listserv management 
  • Research assistance
  • Photo, video, podcast, and transcript editing


Application Guidelines

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2024-25 Internship Program. 

Please sign-up for our listserv to not miss the announcement when we are accepting applications for the 2025- 26 Internship Program. 


Internship Testimonials


Rita Dahi, 2023-24 Burkle Intern

"As an international student, I found the Burkle Center Undergraduate Internship to be as informative as it was career-developing, especially with regards to US politics and national security. Attending the events hosted by the Burkle Center– that we, as interns, help organize– was very rewarding; I found myself engaged in every topic and learned a great deal from the experts that were brought in. Overall, through a flexible yet highly-involved structure, this internship allowed me to focus on my particular interests while also learning key skills in areas I may not have considered previously. "


Mohamed Mido, 2023-24 Burkle Intern

"My time as an intern at the UCLA Burkle Center has been truly enriching. From meeting former Prime Minister Sanna Marin to refining my social media skills as a Social Media captain, every moment has been invaluable. Not only has this internship enhanced my skills and provided me with a great professional experience, but it has also been a gateway to a network of professionals and policymakers in the global arena. If you're hesitant about applying, don't be. Whether your interests lie in policy, diplomacy, or journalism, this internship has something for you. Before the internship, I was still undecided on what I wanted to pursue after graduating. This internship made me more certain about my passion for international affairs and my desire to pursue a career in it after completing my studies."


Mischa Gureghian Hall2022-23 Burkle Intern

"My experiences as a Burkle Center intern have been a defining part of my academic and professional journey. Through the Center's events and programs, I have enjoyed unparalleled opportunities to meet and engage with experts and leaders in international relations, foreign policy, and human rights. This internship, moreover, offered me the chance to become close to a cohort of other undergraduate students who shared similar passions and work to organize high-quality programming driven by our own areas of interest in international relations. The Burkle Center's leadership has furthermore been incredibly supportive of my—and other interns'—aspirations and goals outside of the internship. This internship program is unique among undergraduate opportunities, both on and off campus, and significantly bolstered my confidence in pursuing a career in international affairs."


Matthew Orihuela2022-23 Burkle Intern

"My time at the Burkle Center was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my college career and an experience that is difficult to find elsewhere as an undergraduate. Through interacting with diplomats, politicians, and some of the leading experts in global issue areas, my interest in the field of international relations has only been broadened. Further, actively engaging in the complexities of event planning and community outreach greatly strengthened my management and organizational skills. I was grateful to grow close with a group of like-minded interns and to feel supported by the Center's leaders, who truly value the student perspective."


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Internship Alumni

Learn more about the Burkle Center Internship Program and view a list of our former interns.

Internship Alumni page »