Astghik Kuzanyan

Astghik Kuzanyan research focuses on Single Photon Detection. She is currently working under the supervision of Professor Artur Davoyan of the UCLA Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, on research which involve experimental and numerical studies related to nanometer scale single photon thermoelectric detectors, nanophotonics, and thin film materials, and will lay a foundation for collaborations between UCLA and Armenia’s Institute for Physical Research of the National Academy of Sciences.

Kuzanyan received her Ph.D. in Laser Physics from the Supreme Certificate Committee of the Republic of Armenia and her M.A. degree in Radioengineering and Telecommunication from the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Armenia, International Scientific-Educational Centre, and B.A. degree in Radiophysics from Yerevan State University. Astghik is a researcher at the Institute for Physical Research National Academy of Science of Armenia.