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Under the umbrella of The Promise Armenian Institute at UCLA and implemented through the generosity, advocacy, and support of UCLA Health, UCLA’s Operation Armenia is a coordinated effort of a dedicated interdisciplinary team providing immediate medical disaster relief and long-term humanitarian aid and infrastructure support to Artsakh and Armenia.

The Operation Armenia team, led by Drs. Eric Esrailian, Shant Shekherdimian, and Alina Dorian consists of volunteers from the entire spectrum of the UCLA Health and University systems, including academic faculty, physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, psychologists, administrators, staff, and students. All of them, whether or not they are of Armenian descent, have rallied together to unite for a greater cause.  


The Scope

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Blood Donations/Stop the Bleed

Coordinating logistics for a mobile blood unit, improving blood donation processes, and training the public to save lives if people nearby are severely bleeding.

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Covid-19 / Contact Tracing

Providing guidelines on evidence-based management of COVID.

Image for Rehabilitation / Wound Care

Rehabilitation / Wound Care

Instituting rehabilitation services that provide training and wound care to soldiers.

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Mental Health

UCLA Clinicians volunteering with the Armenian Mental Health Initiative (AMHI) on various capacity-building projects.

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Displaced Populations

Coordinating efforts to streamline aid and assistance to displaced populations.

Image for Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Procuring lifesaving medical supplies and sending shipments to hospitals in Armenia.

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Advocacy and Publicity

Promoting the work being done by Operation Armenia. Inspiring collaborations and contributions.

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