UCLA Vice Provost Cindy Fan speaking to Jinling Students (Spring 2014)

UCLA Global Classroom

UCLA Global Classroom  collaborates with international programs and high schools to add credit-bearing UCLA Extension courses to their curriculum. 

UCLA Global Classroom, UCLA Academic Departments and UCLA Extension work to identify and recruit qualified lecturers. All of the UCLA lecturers have their Ph.Ds. or are in the final years of writing their dissertations. Lecturers are selected based on their teaching credentials, and they stay at the host high school for one or two semesters. 

UCLA Global Classroom’s flagship site at Jinling High School in Nanjing, China has been in operation since 2010.

For more information about the UCLA Global Classroom Program please contact:  Dr. Justin Zackey, Associate Director of UCLA Global Classroom (jzackey@ucla.edu).

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