Faculty in the News

The Pulitzer Prize-winning UCLA geographer spoke at a celebration of the 20th anniversary of UCLA’s Center for the Study of Religion.

Aslı Ü. Bâli, director, Center for Near Eastern Studies, and professor of law, and Kevan Harris of the Sociology Department and UCLA International Institute, are both cited in a recent article about a Pew Research Center poll in Muslim-majority countries. The poll surveys public opinion on how the Koran should influence national laws.

In a fascinating article about economist Nathan Leff's contributions to the study of Brazil, the UCLA economic historian comments, “In person and in his letters, Leff was incredibly kind and attentive, and intellectually supportive of my research project... One of his hypotheses in the book 'Underdevelopment and Development in Brazil' later became a key theme in my book on the economic history of the railways in Brazil.”

UCLA's Perry Anderson writes in the London Review of Books, “Half-hidden, the roots of this debacle lay in the soil of the PT’s model of growth itself. From the outset, its success relied on two kinds of nutrient: a super-cycle of commodity prices, and a domestic consumption boom.”