Faculty in the News

Feb. 3, 2017. UCLA sociologist Kevan Harris, who teaches in the IDS Program, is quoted extensively by LA Weekly. "As Trump is perceived [as] adding more and more U.S.-based communities to his growing 'enemies list,'" Harris says, "the solidarity among affected groups could increase as people see themselves connected in opposition to U.S. administration policies."

Feb. 1, 2017. Eric Bordenkircher, researcher with the Center for Middle East Development, was interviewed on CNN regarding the newly announced Israeli settlements in the West Bank. He predicted that their construction would likely spark violence among Palestinians.

Jan. 27, 2017. Interviewed by Australia's SBS, Kevin Terraciano, director of the Latin American Institute, said, “Most Mexicans feel insulted that he is scapegoating Mexicans and Mexican American immigrants – that he has blamed them for U.S. problems.”

Jan. 26, 2017. CNES director Aslı Ü. Bâli writes in The Washingon Post that extreme vetting didn't work under Pres. George W. Bush, although it wasn't found unconstitutional. Trump's proposed program, however, may be less acceptable to U.S. courts.

Jan. 25, 2017. Speaking to LA Weekly, Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala judged it unlikely that Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA) would succeed in passing a bill to restrain the president from using nuclear weapons without a Congressional declaration of war. "I wouldn't expect this to sail through." he said, "Proper declarations of war are a bit antiquated."

Jan. 25, 2017. Reuters reports that UCLA Professor of Law Hiroshi Motomura believes that the proposed refugee ban and block on visas could be challenged as unconstitutional discrimination. Cited by the LA Times on Jan. 26, he also says Trump's ability to crack down on "sanctuary cities" is limited. Motomura spoke about the executive order with KPCC's "Take Two" on Jan. 30