A UCLA professor of African American studies and political science, Sawyer died Sunday, March 26, in Los Angeles. He was 45.

    The Los Angeles Times reports on UC President Janet Napolitano's commitment to continuing the UC-Mexico Initiative begun in 2014, regardless of Trump's policies.

    According to Al-Haq legal researchers, Israel controls the water resources of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) to its own benefit and has renewed its punitive demolition of the homes of alleged attackers there.

    ​Former U.S. Trade Representative and Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor delivered the keynote address at the 2017 JILFA Symposium, “U.S. Trade Policy in the New Administration.”

    Elizabeth Drexler described the controversial practice of kriminalisasi during an Indonesian Studies Colloquium sponsored by the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

    The new undergraduate minor will officially begin in fall 2017, but juniors must apply this spring.

    The West frequently gets things wrong in the Middle East because it projects its own ideology and terminology on Middle Eastern developments, argued Israeli Ambassador Haim Koren at a recent Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies event.

    Historian Monique Bedasse recently spoke about Rastafarian repatriation to Tanzania, the emergence of self-governing Caribbean and African nations and transnational pan-African politics.

    The new ranking puts another 16 UCLA graduate schools and programs among the nation's top 20. Among leading graduate programs/ schools are clinical psychology (No. 1), School of Art and Architecture (No. 2), GSEIS (No. 3 for education) and psychology (No. 3, tied).

    Law professor Helena Alviar argued that the second peace agreement concluded between the government of Colombia and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionarias de Colombia (FARC) had limited redistributive agrarian policies and gender equity gains.

    Among the sponsors of UCLA's fifth annual celebration of International Women's Day were the UCLA International Institute, Bixby Center on Population and Reproductive Health and Center for the Study of Women.

    Polyglot bibliographer David Hirsch has traveled throughout six of the world's seven continents to build UCLA Library collections in Middle East, Jewish, Central Asian, South Asian and Armenian Studies.

    When we say “Chineseness,” what exactly do we refer to? Allen Chun recently raised this question at a UCLA Taiwan Studies Lectureship event hosted by the Asia Pacific Center.

    Filmmaker Park Yeong-i visited the Center for Korean Studies on February 23, 2017, to screen his documentary “The Blue Sky Symphony,” which focuses on ethnically Korean high school students in Japan.

    In his recent talk at UCLA, University of Haifa Professor Gad Barzilai painted the picture of a highly active Israeli Supreme Court that has made a significant imprint on Israeli society. But he also asserted that the country's highest judicial body has been reluctant to upset the basic power structure in the country.

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Faculty in the News

Dominic Thomas, chair of the UCLA Department of French & Francophone Studies, is interviewed on CNN about the 60th anniversary of the EU. For an earlier interview on the terrorist attack outside the U.K. parliament, click here. Interviews on the French elections after the first French presidential debate can be found here and here.

Feb. 14, 2017. Interviewed by WalletHub, the Global Studies/ PoliSci professor argues that immigrants are a net benefit to the United States.

Feb. 3, 2017. UCLA sociologist Kevan Harris, who teaches in the IDS Program, is quoted extensively by LA Weekly. "As Trump is perceived [as] adding more and more U.S.-based communities to his growing 'enemies list,'" Harris says, "the solidarity among affected groups could increase as people see themselves connected in opposition to U.S. administration policies."

Feb. 1, 2017. Eric Bordenkircher, researcher with the Center for Middle East Development, was interviewed on CNN regarding the newly announced Israeli settlements in the West Bank. He predicted that their construction would likely spark violence among Palestinians.

Jan. 27, 2017. Interviewed by Australia's SBS, Kevin Terraciano, director of the Latin American Institute, said, “Most Mexicans feel insulted that he is scapegoating Mexicans and Mexican American immigrants – that he has blamed them for U.S. problems.”

Jan. 26, 2017. CNES director Aslı Ü. Bâli writes in The Washingon Post that extreme vetting didn't work under Pres. George W. Bush, although it wasn't found unconstitutional. Trump's proposed program, however, may be less acceptable to U.S. courts.