Degree Requirements

Global Studies Major Requirements

Global Studies is structured so that students advance through the program, progressively building their knowledge base, by taking the required Global Studies courses in sequence (see below). Global Studies majors should expect to work extensively on the program in both their junior and senior years, as well as in the summer between these two years.

The timeline below refers to the sequencing of the Global Studies specific courses only. Please refer to the Global Studies Major Worksheet for complete program requirements, including additional preparation requirements, and electives.

Global Studies Major Requirements Worksheet
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 ***Note that these courses are generally offered once per year, and must be taken in sequence. 

Global Studies Major Course Sequence (minimum of 2 years)

Latest Term Courses May Be Taken




Summer Travel Study

Junior Year (at the latest)

Glbl St 1: Globalization: Markets

(5 units)

Students interested in pursuing the Global Studies major must apply for it at the end of this term.

Glbl St 100A: Globalization: Governance and Conflict 

(5 units)

Glbl St 100B: Globalization: Culture and Society

(5 units)

Glbl St 110A: Globalization in Context 

(5 units)

Glbl St 110B: Globalization Research Seminar

(5 units)

Senior Year

Glbl St 191: Variable Topics in Global Studies: Senior Seminar 

(4 units)

Glbl St 194: Research Seminar in Global Studies

(2 units)

Glbl St 199A: Directed Individual Research

(2 units)*

Glbl St 199B: Directed Individual Research

(4 units)*


*With the consent of the Faculty Advisor for the Senior Thesis, students may set up this contact course for a future term, instead.

Additional Courses approved to fulfill major and minor requirements can be found on the "Courses" Tab.