Fifth Heritage Language Research Institute

(Re)Learning the Heritage Language: Integrating Linguistics and Pedagogy


June 26 - July 1, 2011
University of California,
Los Angeles

Directed by: Professor Maria Polinsky (Harvard)

The cornerstone project for the National Heritage Language Resource Center is an annual research institute, established to support the Center's principal mission of developing the research base for heritage language education.

As in past years, the Fifth Heritage Language Research Institute, "(Re)Learning the Heritage Language: Integrating Linguistics and Pedagogy," focuses on current linguistic research and the implications for heritage language instruction.

The Fourth Institute, held in 2010, culminated in the publication of a White Paper which details the findings of linguistic research with regard to heritage language speakers. This paper summarizes past findings and sets the agenda for future heritage language research and, in part, for this year's Institute.

The Center invites applications to participate in the Fifth Institute from linguists, language instructors, post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral students currently involved in heritage teaching and research. Limited funding will be available for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows only.