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The Relations between Korea and China: trade and development in East Asia

Carlos Augusto Cardoso Gorito, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

The relations between Korea and China are often a matter of disagreement on the study of East Asian international relations. The economic and political rapprochement between Seoul and Beijing since 1992 intrigues specialists for its pace and the level of proximity between both countries, which had fought in opposite sides during the Korean War and antagonized each other during the Cold War. This paper aims at analyzing the relations between Korea and China, in order to clarify the reasons that lead Seoul and Beijing to the diplomatic restoration and its strategic consequences for Korean foreign policy. A historical review on the relationship between both countries will be performed, given its relevance to understanding the perception of Koreans towards China, emphasizing the economic and political relationship between the two countries. With the aim of analyzing the review of empirical works, a theoretical approach, using the works of Kang (2003), Copeland (2003) and Berger (2003) will be used, taking into consideration the observations of other authors as well. Finally, the papel will reassess its initial hypothesis and, based on the data and empirical works researched, will check the applicability of the theories used on the analysis of the relations between Korea and China.

Keywords: Korea. China. Foreign policy of Korea. Foreign Policy of China. International Relations of Asia. East Asia.

Download file:SRG-Gorito.pdf

Published: Wednesday, September 15, 2010