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Every year, the UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies sponsors a variety of courses related in modern Israel in departments across campus. These courses qualify for the Israel Studies minor offered by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and may qualify for other majors and minors. More information on the Israel Studies minor can be found on the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department website. Search for classes below.


Fall 2021 – Center-Sponsored Courses


Middle East Studies 177 – Israel in the Middle East
Tue/Thu | 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Instructor: Dr. Alon Tam
Location: Bunche Hall Room 3157
Course Description: An in-depth look at Israeli history and society, and how they connect with the Middle East. Topics include the rise of Jewish, Palestinian, and Arab nationalisms; conflict and conflict-resolution from a comparative lense; Israel’s Palestinian minority; Jewish immigrants to Israel from the Middle East; food and music culture in Israel, and their connections to the Middle East; and much more. We will use cutting edge research from several disciplines, and engage with primary sources such as literature, film, music, and photographic evidence. Students will gain a firm grasp of Israeli history and society, and a rounded view of its place in the Middle East.

Com Lit/Jewish Studies M162 – Israel Seen through Its Literature
Tue/Thu | 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Instructor: Dr. Ethan Pack
Location: Renee and David Kaplan Hall Room 348
Course Description: Explores a diverse selection of Hebrew and Arabic literature written over the past century. Readings will engage with the aesthetic developments in poetry, novels, and short fiction during these years (with brief forays into contemporary Israeli film and pop music).  The course will consider the pride of place accorded to literature in both modern Jewish and Arab culture generally, and the outsized role that the world of letters has played in the formation of Israeli society. We will study the relationship between literature and the defining events of Israeli life, including: Israel’s establishment (the 1948 “War of Independence” for Israel, the Nakba or “Catastrophe” for the Palestinian population); the arrival of Jewish refugees from postwar Europe and the Arab world; the tensions between Ashkenazi (European) and Mizrahi (Middle Eastern & Mediterranean) Jews; the crisis of Palestinian statelessness and the place of Israel’s Arab citizens; the impact of terrorism and regional unrest; and the changing roles of gender, sexuality, religion, and protest in Israel.


Fall 2021 – Other

Course below includes Israel content and is taught by Nazarian Center's director


Political Science 132A – International Relations of Middle East
Tue/Thu | 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Instructor: Dr. Dov Waxman
Location: Dodd Hall 147
Course Description: Contemporary regional issues and conflicts, with particular attention to inter-Arab politics, Arab-Israeli problem, and Persian Gulf area. Requisite: course 20. Designed for juniors/seniors. 


 For questions whether a course will count toward another major or minor, please consult your departmental Student Affairs Officer.



Search for classes below related to Israel in a wide range of disciplines. Select academic year and quarter to view course offerings.