Professor Emeritus

Thomas HinnebuschDepartment: Linguistics
Department of Linguistics
Address2: 3300 Rolfe Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1543
Campus Mail Code: 153102
Phone: (310) 825-4631

Keywords: Africa, UCLA, Swahili, Tanzania, Language, Literature, Language Proficiency, Linguistics

Principle Investigator and Project Director, Language Materials Project

Thomas Hinnebusch's research focus is Swahili and related Bantu languages mostly from a comparative and historical perspective.

He explores questions concerning the classification of African languages and especially methodologies of classification; for example, has recently explored the value of lexicostatistics in Comparative Bantu studies. He is currently amassing the data necessary to do a comparative/historical treatment of Southern Bantu languages akin to the Nurse and Hinnebusch study of a group of Northeastern Bantu languages.

Hinnebusch also spends time mastering Swahili classical poetry, experimenting with ways in which the computer can be used to teach Swahili poetry in interesting, engaging ways.