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Obesity Trends in Korea and the U.S.

Lecture in Korean

Obesity Trends in Korea and the U.S.

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Dr. Salie Lee, M.D., Department of Family Medicine, Youth Formula Clinic

Thursday, November 3, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific Time)

10383 Bunche Hall (10th floor)

Korea has the second lowest obesity rate among 32 developed countries according to an OECD announcement made earlier this year. Whereas the United State is the country with the highest obesity rate, Korea is one of the countries where obesity rates are projected to increase at an accelerated rate compared to the US.

In this presentation, Dr. Lee will discuss the prevalence and causes of obesity, diseases that are easily accompanied by it, and the medical definition used to diagnose obesity. By examining the obesity rates of these two countries, some important key differences and components can be determined. She will introduce different types of obesity treatments and explore various kinds of prescribed drugs in Korea and over-the-counter drugs sold in the United States.


*Event is exclusive to CKS Visiting Scholars, graduate/undergraduate students, and faculty
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