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[Non-CKS] Korean Language and Culture Series

Virtual Korean Language and Culture series by Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles

Photo for [Non-CKS] Korean Language and Culture

Image provided by Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles; cropped

Virtual Korean Language & Culture series by Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles

The Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles (KCCLA) is releasing the KCCLA Virtual Korean language & Culture Series, an online Korean Language and culture course in 10 episodes. With content covering many aspects of Korean culture, the videos provide opportunities for Korean-language learners to improve their understanding of the Korean language and unique characteristics of Korean everyday life and culture.

Subjects of each episode are: 1. Korean Greetings; 2. Korean Daily Etiquette; 3. Korean Food; 4. Korean Homes; 5. Korean Holidays; 6. Korean Transportation; 7. Korean Attire; 8. Korean Proverbs-1; 9. Korean Proverbs-2; and 10. Korean Proverbs-3.

To watch each episode, please visit here.


Published: Wednesday, July 8, 2020