Meeting with Iryna Orlova and Anatoliy Mamalyga, the Los Angeles-St. Petersburg Russian Folk orchestra's professional directors and arrangers.

The Los Angeles-St. Petersburg Russian Folk Orchestra was organized to perpetuate a unique style of music recognized and loved world wide. Formed in 1995 as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation for the study and performance of music written and arranged for traditional Russian folk instruments such as the balalaika, domra, bayan, and gusli. The Los Angeles' Orchestra's goal and purpose is to educate the public through instruction, performance, and research.

Duration: 00:54:06

Spiritual Growth through Russian Orthodoxy, UCLA

On January 13, 2010, Father Nikolay Khalimonov, from the Holy Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles, visited Russian Flagship class 102 and gave a lecture in Russian on Православная вера, как основа духовного совершенствования [Spiritual Growth through Russian Orthodoxy].

Alfred Kokh and Igor Svinarenko's Conversation: A Crate of Vodka

On April 28, 2009 Alfred Kokh and Igor Svinarenko visited Russian Flagship class 102 to discuss their book, A Crate of Vodka: An Insider View on the 20 Years that Shaped Modern Russia. The book was translated by Antonina W. Bouis and published by Enigma Books in 2009.

Vladimir Paperny and Architecture in Moscow

Vladimir Paperny, President of Vladimir Paperny & Associates (VPA, multimedia design and visual marketing group), graduated from Stroganov Art School in Moscow and received his PhD in Cultural Studies from the Russian State University for the Humanities. His PhD thesis Architecture in the age of Stalin. Culture Two was published in Russian (Moscow, 1996, 2006) and in English (Cambridge University Press, 2003). Since moving to the US in 1981, Dr. Paperny worked as Art Director (Orange Coast Magazine, The Workbook), Director of Marketing and Advertising (Integrated Ceilings, a subsidiary of US Gypsum). He works at his design studio in Los Angeles, alternating between design, video production and research (visiting professor at USC, UCLA, Woodrow Wilson Center, and Bristol University, UK)