Russian Student Film Festival

June 4, 2010. See the program and watch the films on line.

Six films created by students in UCLA's Russian language program were shown.  See the winners and watch all the award winning films below!

First Prize

«Свадьба» - Students of Russian 103: Russian for Native and Near-Native Speakers (Tonya Sergieff, instructor) 


Second Prize

«Дом Гаги»  - Students of First Year Russian (Jeffrey Riggs, instructor) 

Best Actor or Actress in a Starring Role

Elina Akopova as Mom and Aikanush in  «Свадьба» Russian 103, Russian for Native and Near-native Speakers (Tonya Sergieff, instructor)

Best Actor or Actress in a Supporting Role

Syd Heller as Protagonist in «Дом Гаги»

Best Directors

Artem Igonkin, Alexander V. Katsman, Yevgeniya Teyfukova in «2 Килограмма» - Russian 102: Topics in Advanced/Superior Russian (Anna Kudyma, instructor)


Best Screenplay

Derek Groom and Claire Collins in Не для вас! - First year Russian (Naya Lekht, instructor)

Best Cinematography

Alexander V. Katsman, Yevgeniya Teyfukova in  «2 Килограмма» - Russian 102: Topics in Advanced/Superior Russian (Anna Kudyma, instructor) 

Best Editor

Valerie Castillo, Syd Heller, Katie Mills, Jennifer Murrillo in «Дом Гаги» - First year Russian (Jeffrey Riggs, instructor)

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to Anna Sergeevna Kudyma for planning and coordinating the festival.